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We're kicking off a new climate change campaign! 

After five-year-long campaigns to secure a permanent ban on unconventional gas in Victoria as well as ambitious state Renewable Energy Targets (VRET), we're fired up to focus our energy on climate change. 

When you think of the game-changing technologies that have emerged over the last decade or so, many of them have come from start-ups—small teams of creative-minded people tinkering away in garages and university dorm rooms. 

It's that spirit that Friends of the Earth will kick off some innovative new climate change campaigning in Victoria. We're in start-up mode.  

With your help, our new Act on Climate (Vic) campaign for Victoria's first ever climate change budget can supercharge state efforts to rein in emissions and prepare communities for climate impacts. 

We want to build and demonstrate strong public support for climate change action through community organising, political action, and the media. 

We will campaign side-by-side with communities, workers, unions, businesses, and other stakeholders to build a strong and diverse pro-climate-action constituency that governments can’t ignore.

So, will you support this vital work by chipping in to our start up fund?... Make a contribution to the start-up fund today: 

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