Help our community survey hit the local press

Help our community survey hit the press

A crucial vote on the Andrews government's Victorian Renewable Energy Target is just around the corner.

In the leadup to the vote the Matthew Guy opposition are running a dodgy survey of their constituents that falsely blames renewable energy for blackouts and price rises. We believe it's an attempt to smear renewables in the leadup to the vote.  

We need to set the record straight - that's why we're calling for your help.  We've launched our own community survey on Victoria's energy future to make sure anti-renewables spin is met with a swift response. Hundreds of community members have already taken part.  Now we need to get the results out there!

Will you donate so we can advertise the results in key electorates?
By raising at least $2,000 we'll be able to place newspaper advertisements to promote the results of the community survey where it matters (every dollar above that target will help us reach more people). Sometimes you need billbords, sometimes you need rallies... This time we need to hit the local press.
$750.00 raised
GOAL: $2,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.