Active Friend Membership - What better way to show you are a #FriendOfFoE?

Friends of FoE

The Active Friends membership program is one of the best ways to support the current and future work of Friends of the Earth. It involves a regular monthly donation of a self-nominated amount*. Your generous support allows Friends of the Earth to continue campaigning, advocating and educating on key environmental and social justice issues. We are currently working on a number of crucial campaigns that involve advocating for forest protection, supporting fair-trade initiatives and working with farming communities to oppose Coal Seam Gas mining. With your support FoE works tirelessly for a more just and sustainable world. Together we are making a difference. Donations are tax deductible**

Membership terms and conditions can be found here.

*Minimum contribution is $10 per month.

**A small processing fee of $30 per annum is taken which is not tax deductible.

Contributions are tax deductible.
Your credit card will be billed automatically every month
Membership terms and conditions can be found here.